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Support SME and large enterprises, professional organizations and local authorities to:

financements affaires pub partenariats

European and Multilateral Fundraising

Public Affairs and Economic Diplomacy

International Technological Partnership

  • Outsource and secure (Life Programme, Horizon2020, World Bank…)
  • Anticipate changes in your legislative and regulatory environment.
  • Set up international industrial cooperation and OFFSET projects in compliance with local regulations. (Canada, UEA, , Brazil, India, South Africa)
  • Optimize public funding applications arragement.
  • You will be understand and heard by institutions and public authorities.
  • Understand the rules of the international public procurement.
  • Assist the elaboration of the  governance plan and the project management (identifying partners, writing the consortium agreement, managing Intellectual Property)

 + Institutions & Strategies is recognized as a training organization by the French state (registration number 82691256469 DA) and as such, provides customized and personalized, individual and group training .