Chantal DAGNAUD, CEO – Founder -® Claire Bernole 13

Chantal Dagnaud is graduated in European public law. She completes her legal education with a Master of Political Science in in diplomacy and international relations. An ordinary route for someone who cannot be presented as such. Her last academic year will reveal: She is intended for the public and international relations.

Her consultant position within a large firm enables her to acquire a first solid experience in press relations and public relations. But Chantal Dagnaud quickly reached the limits. It was then in the area of lobbying that she finds the answer to her aspirations. A turning point occurs when she joined the Interel (PR company) team for a period of 10 years, during which she exercises her competences in political communication and public affairs, defending professional interests of large companies, groups and federations. Her areas of expertise are then telecommunications, food industry, health, industrial research and bio-technologies. Her network grows in proportion to her competences. However, no question of to get caught up on easy ways! Chantal Dagnaud has a taste for challenge which leads her to an international orientation. A new adventure begins when she decides to start her own business, Institutions & Strategies in 2010. The firm has since two shareholders in addition to its founder. The partnership initiated there are already a couple of years with ECCO, specializing in offset, while reinforcing the international reach of the firm structure. Chantal Dagnaud manages ECCO.

Her goal today? To continue the development of her lobbying activity in niche sectors such as European public funding, economic diplomacy and international technological partnerships.

In a world where anything is possible, Chantal Dagnaud cultivates the art of being where you least expect her to be – and yet perfectly in place thanks to the relevance of her approach, the accuracy of her analysis and immoderate enthusiasm to meet new challenges that constantly arise.

Recognized expert, she participated in numerous committees and working groups:

    • International Association ECCO (European Club of Countertrade and Offsets) : Manager of Working group on Offsets at the World Bank – Association international ECCO

    • World Bank: Head of the Working Group on “Industrial Compensation on Public Procurement” in the Law, Justice and Development Forum.

    • ICC- International Chamber of Commerce: Co-Head of Offsets and Public Procurement

    • FINANÇONS-NOUS! collaborative funding : Associate founder.

    • OMN (Overseas Network-Heads of ultramarine companies): regional delegate for the Rhône-Alpes region

    • GEIE 4E : Co-founder and treasurer of the group specialized in supporting companies in the field of ENC