- InnoEnergy : Investment Round is now open

InnoEnergy is the innovation engine for Europe’s energy industry. We invest in businesses and help develop innovative products, services, and solutions that have high commercial potential. We provide access to a deep pool of complementary skills and resources, and connect them to markets and commercial opportunities across Europe.

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April 2017: Deadline for submitting proposals for the Investment Round 2017-1

8 thematic fields :

  • Clean Coal and Gas Technologies ;

  • Energy Storage ;

  • Smart and Efficient buildings and cities ;

  • Renewable Energies ;

  • Energy Efficiency ;

  • Energy from Chemical Fuels ;

  • Smart Electric Grid ;

  • Nuclear Instrumentation.

Do you fulfil the application criteria?

  •  Your aim should be to develop an innovative product or service which could be ready to go to market within less than five years.

  •  You have successfully carried out a proof of concept (pilot or type test validation), corresponding to a Technology Readiness Level greater or equal to five (TRL >= 5)

  •  You must be part of a consortium of at least three, but no more than seven, European partners from both the research and industry sectors (InnoEnergy can provide a ‘matchmaking service’ to help you find suitable consortia members if required – find out more here.)

  •  The consortium needs to be made up of partners from at least two different countries and at least one of the companies commercialising the product or service must be involved in the project from the beginning.

If you interested you should act as soon as possible. Do you have a project? Do not hesitate to contact us! We can help you in every step of your project.