International Technological Partnerships

Institutions & Strategies is mainly involved in international technological partnerships projects that are maintained over time.

These partnerships involve research, surveys and complex negotiations and must be supported by a dialogue with the French and foreign governments.


Understand the rules of the international public  procurement

Implement your international development plan

Promote international partnerships

Position your offset projects in international public procurement


SMEs – Midcap companies

Large industrial groups

State companies



Aviation ,rail, land transport and shipping

Infrastructure (road, rail, port, airport and airline)

Defense and Security

Information and Communication Technology

Services to local, regional, national and international authorities



The firm improves its expertise in offsets, indeed, the president Chantal Dagnaud has just obtained her certificate in Advanced Management delivered by the OFFSETS Academy and ruled by ESSEC / ECCO.

In the framework of an increasingly complex global economic context, this training intends to enhance the expertise of professionals in economic diplomacy and funding, regarding international public tenders.

Thanks to a complex program that includes three components – International Trade and Environment, Strategy, Marketing and Finance, and Management of International Offsets -Institutions & Strategies can better assist you in these issues.

If your project involves non-EU partners (in particular Canada, South America and Africa) please contact us. We can help you to set up a specific strategy.