[:en]FUNDS OPPORTUNITIES: Mobility for Growth Call[:]

[:en]FUNDS OPPORTUNITIES: Mobility for Growth Call[:]

[:en]FUNDS OPPORTUNITIES: Mobility for Growth Call[:] 150 150 Institutions & Stratégies

[:en]The  2015 call for proposals “Mobility For Growth” has been open on June 24th 2015 , with a €17.5 million budget available .

This call is evaluated in one step and is composed of 4 topics :
Facilitating market take up of innovative transport infrastructure solutions
The selected actions are expected to:
Serve as pilot projects to demonstrate the effectiveness and reliability of advanced (long-life) technological solutions in reducing the total cost and risk of ownership of transport, the environmental impact and the effectiveness of new supply chain models and contractual arrangements.
Allow for a better coordinated dialogue between procurers and suppliers contributing to long-lasting stakeholder partnerships with clearly defined roles and responsibilities.

Safe and connected automation in road transport
Projects should contribute to:
Reduction of the automated driving systems’ development costs, as well as raising competitiveness of the European industry in developing breakthrough technological solutions.
Enhanced robustness and performance of sensor and data analysis systems and optimised HMI and advice strategies together with unobtrusive methods for measuring workload, distraction and fatigue.

Demonstrating and testing innovative solutions for cleaner and better urban transport and mobility

Smart governance, network resilience and streamlined delivery of infrastructure innovation
The main challenge is to overcome the lack of a common framework for governance, management and finance of transport infrastructure projects (including methodologies and modelling) with the aim to enable transparent, risk-based optimisation of investments within and across the modes.

The closing date for submission of proposals is 10.15.2015 at 17:00 ( Brussels time)


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