LIFE Multi-AD 4 AgroSMEs

High-performance multiphase anaerobic reactor for agroindustrial wastewater treatment


Référence: LIFE17 ENV/ES/000331
Project Execution Dates: 01/09/2018–28/02/2022
Theme: Water – Wastewater Treatment


Institutions & Strategies is participating in the LIFE Multi-AD 4 AgroSMEs project, coordinated by the Spanish SME Agua, Energía y Medioambiente Servicios Integrales S.L.U (AEMA), co-financed by the European LIFE Programme under the Environment and Climate Action. The LIFE Multi-AD 4 AgroSMEs project aims to design and industrialize a high-performance multiphase anaerobic reactor designed for the treatment of wastewater generated in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the agri-food (F&D) sector. The idea for the design of industrial reactors is part of the AEMA-patented Multi-AD anaerobic reactor (ES-2541078), and its production will be tailor-made and on demand (with a capacity between 25 and 500 m3), the role of each customer’s needs. This technology will reduce both the environmental impact of agri-food SMEs and the operating costs of processing and managing their waste.

« Le projet LIFE Multi-AD a reçu un financement du programme LIFE de l’Union européenne. »

Production of renewable energy

Possibility of producing renewable energy from the biogas produced in the machine process.

Self sufficient

This self-generated renewable energy will be used partly (50%) to operate the digester, and partly for other boiling operations.

Reduction of CO2 emissions

The reduction in energy requirements with this device represents 11% less CO2 emissions.


Agua, Energía y Medioambiente Servicios Integrales, AEMA (ES) – Coordonnateur.

Instituto Tecnológico de Aragón, ITAINNOVA (ES)

Energygreen Gas Almazan S.L. (ES)

Societatea de Inginerie Sisteme SIS S.A (RO)

Institutions et Stratégies (FR)


Total budget of the project: 2.177.143 €
Total budget Institutions & Strategies: €160,948


Total project grant: €1,301,386
Total grant Institutions & Strategies: €96,569

“This research has received funding from the LIFE Programme of the European Union under agreement number LIFE17 ENV/ES/331 – LIFE MultiAD 4 AgroSME”

LIFE Multi-AD 4 AgroSMEs

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